Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The countdown is on...

...only a few more sleeps until radiation. I am quite anxious to get going with it. It'll be a long 6 weeks, but will be over before I know it!

I am recovered from surgery, and back to doing life as I always do. Super excited as I went out today without my hat for the first time. I took it with me (of course), but I didn't put it on - and it was cool to feel the wind and the back of my fluffy lined coat on my head. Oh, the things we take for granted!

Things are a bit crazy with our business picking up, and all my appointments, but thanks to our friends and family, we have lots of help. Oliver purchased a small dump truck so we will add "dump truck/delivery services" to our menu. If you or anyone you know is looking for landscaping, general yard maintenance, and/or delivery of soil, mulch, sand - visit us at www.mullenbroslandscaping.ca.

Now that I've got that plug in.... :)

Keira woke up with her first fever today, so that was kind of sad to see. She is a trooper and while she isn't feeling 100%, she was in pretty good spirits overall. Aidan is pretty sick too so we hope our munchkins are back to good soon!

Anyways, just a quick update today, and I'll write more after my first rounds of radiation treatment (I start on March 24th!).

Bye for now,

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